Volunteer with US

At TASO, we welcome individuals and organizations to join our mission in combating HIV/AIDS. If you’re passionate about making a difference, consider becoming a volunteer.

How can I volunteer with TASO?

You officially apply to TASO for a Volunteer Opportunity. Upon receipt, TASO will acknowledge receipt of your profile using the email address and place your profile in our Human Resources data bank. When an opportunity arises and there is need to temporarily fill a staffing gap, one may be called upon to fill the gap depending on the available position and the competency needed.

Are Voluteers paid?

Yes. If the Volunteer is needed to fill an identified staffing gap. The pay structure varies and is categorized under graduate and non graduate. However, a person may also apply for non-paid volunteer opportunities for experiential learning. However, once approved, non – paid volunteer may be requested to contribute a user fee.

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