Our commitment to eradicate TB epidemic is unwavering.

Integral to our mission, TASO’s Tuberculosis program plays a vital role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Tuberculosis (TB) is a common opportunistic infection among people living with HIV (PLHIV), and TASO recognizes the significance of addressing both diseases concurrently.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive care, emphasizing the interconnection between TB and HIV/AIDS.

TB is an airborne disease, making it highly contagious, and its impact extends far beyond those living with HIV.

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Beyond the HIV/AIDS Community

 This disease is formidable health threat due to its ability to spread rapidly and affect communities, TASO recognizes the urgency of addressing TB not only as a co-existing condition with HIV but also as a standalone public health concern. The risk is not confined to those with weakened immune systems, as TB can exploit vulnerabilities in anyone, making it a pressing public health issue.

TASO’s Tuberculosis Program adopts a multi-faceted approach to combat the spread of TB. Stigma surrounding TB further complicates efforts to control the disease. People affected by TB may face discrimination and isolation, hindering their access to care and support.


TASO aims to create an environment that encourages early diagnosis, treatment adherence, and ultimately, the reduction of TB transmission.

Services Offered

Screening & Diagnosis

TASO conducts TB screening for individuals at risk, including those living with HIV/AIDS who are more susceptible to TB co-infection. 

Treatment Initiation and Management

TASO ensures prompt initiation of TB treatment for individuals diagnosed with active TB disease.

Care Treatment & Support

Care, treatment, and support are integral components of TASO’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS

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