The world has not been united to fight against a disease for a long time now. We had each broken into groups with each group fighting against a different disease. COVID-19 has brought us together again and this is a war we can only win by fighting together. It is in times like these that we must re-learn the lessons history has taught us and go back to the basics. But this time we are complimenting and not duplicating each others efforts. 

Like all other Non-Governmental Organisations in the health sector, TASO is working to ensure that it is within the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. This means tailoring services to the current situation while maintaining a high standard of service delivery. This is how TASO is going to ensure that we make our contribution towards the fight against COVID-19.

  1. TASOs 11 Centers of Excellence, that is Mulago, Entebbe, Jinja, Gulu, Masindi, Mbale, Tororo, Soroti, Masaka, Mbarara and Rukungiri, are going to continue offering services to clients, especially those who are scheduled to receive their ARVs at the Centers. Two key people will be on duty to carry out this service. A medical person and a counselor. They will deliver 3 months and 6 months refills to clients based on the category in which they fall. For those clients already receiving drugs near their homes, their group leaders will pick the drugs from the Centers and deliver them to their group members or contact them to pick up their drugs individually. The Center Programme Managers are in charge of ensuring that guidelines to avoid contagion are followed. That means washing hands, maintaining social distance and offering services as fast and efficiently as possible. Sensitization about COVID-19 will be part of the information package given to individuals. Group meetings and counselling session are not allowed. 
  2. Screening and management for Tuberculosis will continue since in some cases the symptoms are being confused with those of COVID-19. The medical team has guidance on how this will be conducted. 
  3. Viral Load monitoring will continue and the laboratory teams have been given instructions on how to conduct this.  
  4. TASO Soroti Regional Project will support the COVID – 19 prevention response team in the Teso Region
  5. Tororo Hub will also be on standby to support the Eastern COVID – 19 prevention response team
  6. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision services are suspended until further notice. 
  7. The TASO Institutional Research Ethics Committee will be working from home. Please contact them via email.
  8. Internship/placement for the period June to August is suspended. Therefore no applications are being received until further notice. 
  9. Drama Group/Behavioral Change Agents performances are suspended until further notice

Please remember

  1. Take your ARVs or TB drugs as prescribed. Those on treatment for malaria should not share their drugs with anyone. Do not take drugs that have not been prescribed for you. 
  2. Accept to have your temperature taken.
  3. Wash your hands no matter how many times
  4. Maintain social distance
  5. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. 
  6. If you remain untreated, you will be a danger to yourself and others around you. 
  7. Stay Home as much as possible. 
  8. All ages are at risk on contracting COVID-19
  9. Call the Ministry of Health toll free Helplines for any suspected case of COVID-19. (+256 800 203 033 or +256 800 100 066)
  10. TASO is NOT responding to any call for treatment of COVID – 19. 
  11. In case someone calls asking for money for a TASO service, please contact fraudalert@tasouganda.org.

We are in this together. Protect yourself  and your neighbour. Stay safe

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