TASO Anthem

TASO’s strategy: holistic impact in Uganda’s HIV/AIDS fight through community engagement and innovation.



A world without HIV and AIDS

Let us unite to achieve this goal

TASO in combat and arms has risen

To fight this virus until it’s gone.

Until this virus is fully gone


God is our refuge, as we fight on

With prayers and with all the care we shall triumph

TASO will leave no stone unturned

Until this virus is fully gone


Hope is the weapon with which we fight

our dignity and our self esteem to preserve

Living positively is the shield

with which in combat our lives are saved


Friends of TASO, maintain the fight

We have an obligation to prevent the spread

The infected, the affected

Need lots of support and lots of care


Shoulder to shoulder, we stand as one

As fighters we can never rest until we’ve won

This world shall be so filled with Joy

When this killer virus is fully flushed out

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