TASO Staff Cooperative Society (TASCOS)

It is established to contribute to the economic and social well-being of members by promoting a saving and investment culture.

What is TASCOS?

The TASO Staff Cooperative Society (TASCOS) Ltd was registered on 27th July 2015. It was set up to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of members through promoting a saving and investment culture.

TASCOS executive commitee

On 17th May 2024, members of a new Executive Committee were voted into office. These are;

  1. Mr.  Kizito Bennet – Chairperson
  2. Mr. Bwogi David – Vice Chairperson
  3.  Mr. Obua Peter – Treasurer
  4.  Ms.Wanyenze Cate – General Secretary
  5. Ms. Nabudho Sylvia  = Central Region Representative
  6. Ms Ampaire Patricia – Member, Central Region (Grants Management Unit) Representative
  7. Mr. Kisaame Andrew  – Member, Eastern Region Representative
  8.  Mr. Mabberi Julius Magomu – Member ,Northern Region Representative
  9. Ms.Kateeba Tusime Agnes – Member, Western Region Representative

What are the requirements to join TASCOS?

Explore the criteria for TASCOS membership below.

  1. Being a TASO staff member
  2. Buying initial shares worth shs.200,000= (or more)
  3. Membership fees of shs.10,000 (One off)
  4. Monthly savings contribution of shs.100,000=(or more).

Who to contact in case of help?

For further information about TASCOS, please contact the individuals listed below.

  • Mr Ainemukama Julius – Administrator, ainemukamaj@tasouganda.org

  •  Mr Kizito Bennet – Chairman TASCOS, kizitob@tasouganda.org

Would you like to make a donation?