Non Communicable Diseases

Our commitment to combating the Non-communicable diseases is unwavering.

TASO extends its commitment beyond infectious diseases to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a crucial component of our comprehensive care approach. The impact of NCDs on persons living with HIV is a growing concern.

 Established by a group of dedicated medical workers who witnessed the dire conditions of HIV/AIDS patients, TASO has evolved into a leading institution in Uganda’s HIV response.

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Addressing Non Communicable Diseases

Recognizing the increased susceptibility of individuals with HIV/AIDS to NCDs, our program focuses on prevention, early detection, and management. In addressing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, TASO aims to improve overall health outcomes for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Child receiving treatment for severe malaria at Bogo District Hospital, 23rd September 2021.  Original public domain image from Flickr

TASO ensures a well-rounded support system that enhances the overall health of individuals and communities, strengthening their ability to face the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS.

Services Offered

Screening and Early Detection

TASO conducts screenings and assessments to identify individuals at risk of NCDs, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

Behavioral Counseling

TASO offers behavioral counseling and support to individuals at risk of or living with NCDs, helping them adopt healthy behaviors, manage risk factors, and adhere to treatment regimens

Medication Access

TASO facilitates access to medications and treatments for individuals living with NCDs, ensuring availability and affordability of essential medications.

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