TASO Training Center

Background to the TASO Training Centre and its progression

TASO Training Centre, based in Kanyanya,  8 KM from Kampala City Centre, is the capacity building arm of TASO Uganda. The Training Centre has a specific mandate of improving competencies of HIV/AIDS service providers in Uganda and other countries through training, mentoring, consultancies and other related services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The founding of this pioneer training centre in 1988 was a response to the recognized need for specialized skills, information and knowledge in care, support and management for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and to deal with the emerging dynamics of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda and beyond.

The training centre started its operations in Kabaka Njagalla road, Mengo, Kampala with the training of volunteers in AIDS Care and Orientation and later in community skills and training of trainers. The first TASO Training centre graduation of 120 counsellors, who were mostly TASO staff and volunteers, was held in April 1992. In 1996, the training centre together with TASO headquarters relocated to its present location in Kanyanya. The Kanyanya facility was remodelled in 2003/4, to cater for the growing number of trainees and training programmes, when the TASO headquarters moved to the Mulago Complex.

The Training centre is one of the 3 units under the new TASO Directorate of Training and Capacity Development. The other two units are Strengthening Counsellor Training in Uganda (SCOT) and the TASO Experimental Attachment to Combat HIV/AIDS (TEACH) program. The 3 units are separate entities but are uniquely related in building capacities of HIV/AIDS service providers.

The training centre coordinates all the activities of TASO training function that is now decentralised to the 4 regional offices in Eastern, Western, Central and Northern Uganda to take capacity building services closer and to respond to the local and unique needs of the people. Besides, the training centre has a fully-fledged clinical training facility at Kanyanya that offers medical related courses. This facility, named after one of the very first medical doctors to start an HIV/AIDS clinic in Uganda, Professor Elly Katabira, uses the outpatients AIDS clinic and committed clients as aides to learning.

TASO Training Centre Vision:
"An HIV/AIDS Training Centre of excellence in Africa."

TASO Training Centre Mission
"To contribute to the process of building capacity for quality HIV/AIDS service provision."

Services offered

The core business of TASO training centre is to build competencies of HIV/AIDS service providers, including TASO for improved HIV/AIDS care, support and management. The Training Centre offers a wide range of training programmes and consultancy services of un-equalled relevancy to institutional and community responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the developing nations settings.

These courses and related services have been developed basing on TASO's 25 years of practical and tested experience of working with PHA.

Training courses/curricula are periodically reviewed to incorporate new developments and trends in HIV/AIDS, to keep them current and relevant to the changing dynamics of the epidemic. The recent review was in 2005 where new developments in HIV/AIDS such as PMCT, ART, Nutrition and Gender were incorporated. TASO training Centre is now one of the largest and most comprehensive HIV/AIDS training institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa. The training centre has trained over 15,000 individuals and staff of Governmental and non-governmental organisation in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Eritrea, Sudan, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

The various services offered include:


Training is the main preoccupation of the training center. The courses offered are largely categorized into two main types; the scheduled courses and the tailor-made courses. Scheduled courses are courses with a set curricular and are either conducted on dates set out in our course calendar for the year or run on request from our partners. On the other hand, tailor-made courses are designed basing on the specific training needs of particular partners/stakeholders and are conducted on dates and venues agreed upon by the parties.(See Course Calendar for Details)


The Training Centre provides consultancy services and training needs assessments in a wide range of areas in HIV/AIDS Support, Care and Management for both local and international institutions. Over the years, the Training centre has offered consultancies to over 10 Sub-Saharan African counties. The capacities of institutions/organisations in these counties have been developed to help them establish or refocus their work and practice based on the TASO experience over the years.

Information and knowledge management

TASO Training centre recognizes that information and knowledge are critical ingredients in her work in building competencies of HIV/AIDS service providers in the fight against HIV/AIDS and in development work generally. A resource centre and library has been established to harness the information and knowledge resources available in the organization and outside and thus increase access and use of literature and related information and knowledge management services relevant to the fight against HIV/AIDS for TASO staff, clients and partners.

Partnership and networking

TASO Training Centre recognises the need for strategic partnership in the fight against AIDS and thus collaborates with other partners involved in this fight. The nature of collaboration includes running joint training programmes, staff exchanges and placements, standardization of curriculum and related tools, information and knowledge sharing among others. The partners include; UNAIDS, WHO, Mild May International, Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN), Uganda AIDS Commission, Uganda Network of AIDS support Organisations (UNASO), AIDS Information centre, the Infectious Disease Institute, Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together Against AIDS and other Diseases (THETA) and many others.

Who qualifies for TASO training?

TASO Training is open to those working in service organisations/institutions that will put to practice knowledge and skills acquired within their work places. Trainees will normally have a post-secondary qualification, preferably a Diploma and above. To apply, one needs to fill out and send an application form here to the training centre system.

The Training Centre offers two internationally recognised awards, a certificate of Merit, for those who satisfactorily complete our modular courses and a certificate of attendance/completion for those who do block courses. Arrangements are underway to develop diploma level courses.