TASO made a commitment to educate me to the highest level-Dr. Shafiq Lubulwa 

After being bedridden for more than three years my father passed away due to HIV/AIDS a few months before I sat for Primary Living Exams in 2000. This affected me emotionally and crippled our financial position further as a family of nine children and a widow. I always had to deliver fried edibles to local shops early in the morning before school. Since I was always good in class, I hoped that one day I would stand out as a successful person.  I did not want this in any way to put a strain to my arrival time at school. Logically it meant that I had to wake up a little earlier than my colleagues to organize for school and help my mother prepare the eats to be taken for sale.

In the evening I always had to collect the containers to go and purchase items to be used the following day from a far shop that always offered little reduced prices, and then participated in house work. Luckily enough I made it with aggregate 6 in PLE and was selected in my first choice school - Kawempe Muslim Secondary School. 

My misery was crowned by the overwhelming bill  mother had to meet to ensure that I joined a first class school with a dream that it would be easier for me to make it on Government to save her the higher tuition fees at university. Although my family members were happy for him, none was financially in position to support.

Two years into secondary my hope of continuing school were diminished given the fact that my mother could not single handedly support all my siblings’ education aspirations. Chance came my way when I heard about the social support project at TASO Mulago where my mother was a client which was providing scholarships. On applying I was sponsored which comfortably aided me through secondary. Now that I had more time I worked harder and emerged the school’s best at both levels with 8 in 8 at O’ level and 25 at A’ level offering PCB/M finally making it to Government sponsorship at university.  

My dream of being a medical doctor has come to pass. I have graduated from Makerere University College of Healthy Sciences with Bachelors in Human Medicine and Surgery. I pursued this course on government sponsorship. My dream would never have been possible if it were not for TASO Mulago Social support education scheme and the donors who have supported this program so that the disadvantaged can have another opportunity to realize their dreams. My message to the general public is that they should be pillars of support, strength and courage to HIV/AIDS affected children. Otherwise the nation may lose valuable human resource.