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TASO Mulago Service Centre has been in existence since 1987.  As at January 31, 2011, the center had 6727 active clients 27.1% male and 72.9% female with 8.5% being children. 3878 clients were on ART of whom 67 (1.68%) were children below 15 years of age.


The center has a total of 60 staff 26 female and 34 male

Client Registration

Cumulatively, the centre has registered over 37000 clients.  On average, 200 clients are served per clinic and the centre runs 3 centre clinics in addition to 3 main outreaches.  In most cases, outreaches are heavy especially in Semuto and Kakiri where up to 300 clients turn up for services. 

Programme activities

Like all TASO Centers, TASO Mulago provides a comprehensive package of HIV prevention, treatment, Care and support activities in addition to capacity building and advocacy services. Specific activities include;

1.Counseling of clients

2.Home based HIV Counseling and testing services including targeted VCT services

3.HIV/AIDS sensitization and education

4.Treatment of Opportunistic Infections

5.Integrated TB/HIV activities

6.Provision of the Basic Care package (BCP) including Septrin prophylaxis

7.Provision of ART

8.Support for OVC

9.Provision of Laboratory services for diagnosis and laboratory monitoring

10.Pharmacy services

11.Home based care and community support services:

12.Hospital Ward Visits: Both the counselors and medical team (Doctors) visit the clients that are admitted on the hospital wards for appropriate support and care; there is a lot of collaboration between the public health system and TASO.

13.Child Care and Treatment Centre

14.Gender Programming including SLP

15.In partnerships, doing research and Strengthening Public Health Systems 

Drama Group

TASO Mulago has a Drama group composed of 25 volunteers. These are people who are HIV positive and decided to give AIDS a face by going public about their HIV status. They disseminate HIV/AIDS messages to the communities through music, Dance and Drama.

The center reaches out to 18 communities to support orphans and other vulnerable children, and for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services. TASO also supports community programs that improve people’s livelihoods. Each community has about 40 trained community volunteers. Communities include; Kimenyedde, Seeta Nazigo, Ntanzi, Ddundu, Sekiwunga, Matugga, Gombe, Mende, Bbira, Mpoma, Magogo, Kasozi, Semuto, Muduuma.  After capacity building, the centre is in the process of phasing out the oldest communities of; Ddundu and Seeta Nazigo.

ART Program

In 2004, TASO Mulago rolled out the ART Program after PEPFAR Launch by His Excellency President George W. Bush at TASO Entebbe. Cumulatively, the centre enrolled over 4000 clients on this program, 92% (3855) active, of this, 93% are community based and this attributed to establishment of over 56 CDDPs (Community Drug Distribution Points) within the catchment area. ART care pathway has been observed and clients’ adherence has been to over 80%. To boost on adherence, Community AIDS Support Agents (CASAs) who are expert clients selected from communities.  

Through partnerships with churches, health centers and schools, a good number of Drug Distribution Points were established during the course of the year.  In a bid to operate within the catchment areas, TASO Mulago took over some of the CDDPs that were previously under the operation of TASO Entebbe for example; Seguku, Kasanganti and Mityana.  This was done for effective service delivery. 

Partnership Established and maintained

During the year 2010, no new partnerships were established but continued to strengthen the existing networks through sensitizations and workshops. Several meetings were held with partners like centre for domestic violence prevention Kamokya (CEDOVP).  In collaboration with the Children Support Organisation in Mpigi district, the centre carried out HCT for 75 children under their care and this was done in a bid to scale up access and uptake to pediatric care. Through partnerships with churches, health centres and schools, a good number of Drug Distribution Points were established during the course of the year.  In abid to operate within the catchment areas, TASO Mulago took over some of the CDDPs that were previously under the operation of TASO Entebbe for example; Seguku, Kasanganti and Mityana.  This was done for effective service delivery. 

Visitors to the centre

Due to its proximity to TASO Headquarters, the centre continued to host high powered delegations as they come to understand and experience TASO Programme activities.  These included among others Donors like; USAID, CDC, PEPFAR. However, the centre also hosted team members from TASO Headquarters on support visits.  General about 916 visitors were hosted during the year; of which 58 were internationals. Other visitors included; partners and other stake holders like suppliers, interns from high institution of learning. Reasons for their visits included; gaining experience from the centre, support supervision, official meetings, and courtesy calls.

Research Activities

The centre has a research committee that coordinates all research issues. The committee reviews the proposals from intern students and all those who conduct research at the centre. About 8 abstracts were presented by members of the centre and the recommendations from research findings are shared to all staff during staff meetings in a bid to improve service delivery at the centre. Members for staff who want to write abstracts have been supported to do so by the committee. Overwhelming numbers of intern students from the nearby institutions of learning continued to be experienced during the course of the year.  A mechanism was put in place to ensure that all those taken on board met all their outlined expectations. 


In an effort to improve infection control, the centre made an innovation by establishing a TB corner and coughing area. The tent has been secured for this and all staff underwent a sensitization workshop to ensure standard operating procedures are adhered to. Every client screened for TB goes through this tent and if eligible is worked on immediately to reduce the time she/he spends at the centre.                                

Child activities

Child activities are conducted under the umbrella group ACYC; participated in schools/community AIDS aware nesses through debates/and sports and radio talk shows.  Cumulatively, 13 clubs have been established in different schools with the latest at Naalya Secondary School


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