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In 1989, a group of 8 volunteers initiated TASO-like initiative in Mbarara Hospital in one room that worked as an office, counselling and medical treatment center for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Counselling was mainly done on wards and under trees.

With support from Action AID Uganda and TASO Uganda Limited, the initiative grew to a fully-fledged and semi-autonomous TASO Mbarara Centre in 1991.

It is located adjacent to the Mbarara University Teaching Hospital complex on Mulindwa Road, on Mbarara-Kabale road in Mbarara Municipality.

To-date, TASO Mbarara has registered a cumulative total of 36,083 clients (F:22,694, M:13,389)

The centre employs various categories of staff totaling to 66 staff and who work together with volunteers both at the service center and in communities.


Gumisiriza Godwin

Centre Manager- TASO Mbarara

P.O. Box 1010 Mbarara

Tel. + 256 0485 421 323

Mobile. +256 752 774 136

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