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TASO Masindi is the latest service Center in TASO,s History, and is found in Masindi Hospital, Masindi District, in mid western Uganda. The center's establishment was in line with the strategic plan of 2003 -2007 of increasing TASO services to other parts of the country. A baseline survey was carried out in 2004 in Bunyoro region and showed that Masindi was a unique enclave with fewer AIDS service organizations yet with rather high HIV prevalence rates.

The center started offering its services to clients on August 17, 2005 in the former private ward of Masindi Hospital. Medical services were carried out under tents and counseling done under the mango trees. But a fifteen-room-building was later constructed to improve on the working space in addition to the former private hospital ward. However office space still remains a big challenge and land for future expansion has been donated by the Masindi district local government but construction funds are yet to be available.

The center's catchment area covers the districts of Masindi, Buliisa, Hoima, Nakasongola and Kibale.


The center offers all TASO core services like Counseling, Medical Care (including ART), Social Support, Training and Capacity Building, Community Mobilization and AIDS Education, as well as Advocacy and Networking.

This center unlike others, offers HIV Counseling and testing (VCT) services in its communities because the region has limited VCT services.
Clinic Days and Outreaches
Integrated clinic days of Antiretroviral Therapy and treatment of opportunistic infections are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Outreach clinic days are on every Wednesdays of the month in Kigumba Health Center III, Diima Health Center III, Biiso Health Center IV and Buliisa Health Center IV. Pediatric clinics are on every Mondays, whire Fridays are for other community activities like client's home visits, home care and community intervention programs, etc.

Networking and collaborationTASO Masind has been patterning and net working with government bodies and sister organizations. Our networking partners include; Masindi Hospital, Christian Child Fund (CCF), Kinyara Sugar works, Masindi Military Hospital and District Offices. Others include; Action Aid, District health centers, Bunyoro Kingdom, institutions of learning, Kitara FM and Bunyoro Broadcasting Services (BBS).

Contact Person:
Center Manager
Dr. Sarah Alinga
Masindi Hospital P.O. Box 117, Masindi
Tel: +256-46-520630
Mobile: +256- 752 774 144
Email: Manager  

Briefs and Reports

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