TASO Masaka

TASO Masaka CenterBackground
TASO Masaka was the second centre to be established in November 1988 spearheaded by Mr. Kagimu Bikande Fred, Dr. Kalibbala Sam, Ms. Maureen Nakimera, Sr. Mbaziira Mary Janet and Mr. Abdul Kakande. It started in a small room in Masaka Hospital, Administration Block on a voluntary basis. Then later transferred to a blood bank room and eventually to the measles ward. As the number of clients increased, the hospital donated a piece of land within the premises plot 1- 19 Kigamba road. A building was constructed with donations from USAID, Government of Uganda, Redd Barna and King Baudoun Foundation.

Current Staffing levels:

Department  Female Male Total
 Advocacy  1  1  2
 Projects  2  0  2
 Counselling  12  9  21
 Day Center  2  0  2
 Medical  9  10  19
 Finance/Accounts  0  3 3
 Human Resources  4  7  11
 M&E  5  3  8
 ART 0  12  12
 TOTAL  35  45  80

Just like the rest of the centres, TASO Masaka centre provides a range of services to clients from within a radius of 75 kilometers and beyond as far as districts of Rakai, Mpigi, Ssembabule, Kalangala and parts of Mbarara. Clinic days are twice in a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Counseling home visits, medical home visits, outreach clinics, and community activities are carried out during other days. During the clinics, medical care (including management of common opportunistic infections and STDs) and counseling are provided. See out-reach clinics, supported communities and Projects Up-dates

The cumulative client registration since the center's inception in 1988, is currently at over 29,000 clients. of these, 63.7% are females, 36.3% Male and 7% children. Over 7000 of these have been actively receiving services in the last six months. Over 3000 clients have been enrolled to Anti-retroviral Therapy.

The increased client enrollment to the center has been attributed to an increase in services like:

  * Increase in number of clients during outreach clinics (Kiwangala, Bukomansimbi).
  * Increase in referrals from TASO Supported Communities i.e. from 8 Communities - 17 Communities.
  * Increase in referrals from testing centres. On average 30 clients referred at every clinic.
  * Awareness given by the Drama group.
  * Introduction of Anti-Retroviral Therapy

Current partnerships, Collaboration and the services Provided
Heifer Project International
•    Trainings
•    Distribution of animals (goats and heifers)
•    Distribution of seedlings
•    Provision of equipment e.g. Artificial Insemination
MADDO(Masaka District Diocese Organization)
•    Training of clients
•    Formation of groups within communities i.e. re-grouping with other community groups
•    Providing market for clients produce e.g. milk, fruits and vegetables
Masaka  District
•    Authorization of movement of livestock
•    Technical support to client farmers by production department
•    Veterinary services including insemination and treatment
•    Housing support in form of construction, renovation and pit latrines
•    Training clients in bricklaying
•    Sensitizing clients on land issues
•    Providing clients with basic kits e.g. nets, beddings and jerry cans
SCC-Vi-agro forestry
•    Training in aspects of ecological management
•    Provision of seedlings to client farmers

Rotary Club
•    Provision of loans to drama, NACWOLA and POMU members to boost their income generating activities, so far given 12,500,000
BRAC( Building Resources Across Communities)
•    Giving support in form of trainings and inputs in the areas of:
o    IGA management
o    Seedlings
o    Seeds
o    Poultry
o    Livestock management


 * Increasing client numbers viz-a-viz staffing levels and other limited resources.
 * Increasing numbers of child clients calls for provision of specialized child services. About 10% of clients are children between the ages of 5 - 15 years.
 * The very needy situations of most clients 54% are peasant farmers or small traders while about 33% are unemployed.
 * Low literacy levels with about 55% having received primary school education and about 15% having no formal education.

Contact Person

Ms Rose Nalubega
Centre Manager
P.O. Box 1679, Masaka

Tel: 0392 749 998; Mobile Phone: 0752774145

Fax: 0382 260 104



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