In 2014 , UNAIDS announced ambitious global targets which build on its 'Getting to Zero'  strategy and these are packaged as the 90–90–90 targets. UNAIDS call to action is that by the year 2020,  90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy and 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral load suppression.

TASO has this far enrolled 92% of people who have been diagnosed with HIV and under its care into sustained ART treatment. The same percentage (92%) of the PLHIV on treatment have vital load suppression recorded from the rigorous ongoing monitoring and follow up of the all the clients under care. The area where TASO has not done as well is on detection of PLHIV and the performance here is at 39%. The seemingly low performance is attributed to a number of intricately related factors including limited access to information on population based researches and a large number of implementing partners offering similar services in the same catchment areas/population segments. The meeting dissected these factors and prescribed solutions that will be concretized into an operational guideline to be shared with all the Service Centres and supported Public Health Facilities (PHF).

TASO’s continued good performance on the Global and national targets to end HIV and AIDS are attributed to its commitment and tradition of unmatched quality service delivery which places the person infected and affected by HIV and AIDS at the centre of the response. Over the years TASO has innovated many best practices and models built around the life of a person living with HIV in their communities. The successes recorded in the UNAIDS global targets have been attained with the active engagement with the communities who bear the burden but also have practical solutions to the disease with the right facilitation.

The programme Review meeting, which enters its 4th day today, is attended by Directors, Managers, Heads of Departments, Programme Specialists and M& E Officers. Its objectives are;

  • To review CDC project year 3 programmatic and financial performance.
  • To understand the current performance status of other discrete projects
  • To identify challenges and lay strategies for overcoming them in subsequent project years.
  • To collectively document strategies to address performance gaps in selected key result areas.
  • To take stock of the gains in DHSS project for the 3 years and make recommendations for future HSS project with CDC
  • To share findings from the current operations research projects to inform implementation at TASO

TASO Highlights

TASO Commemorates 30 years of Service

On 11 November 2017, TASO commemorated 30 years of quality service in Uganda. As a pioneeer in community led service delivery, TASO units organised various community activities beginning from Monday 6th November until Friday 17th November 2017.These included;

  1. Radio talkshows sponsored by OBULAMU in the various regions.
  2. HIV Testing Services for the General Population
  3. Moonlight clinics at hotspots
  4. Medical camps (to check for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes)
  5. Mobilisation for Safe Male Circumcision.

Media Article

Kaberamaido Fisher Communities Welcome Soroti Region Project

The fisher communities in Kaberamaido District are thrilled by the entry of TASO-Soroti Regional Project into the Teso sub region. The excitement has been expressed during the ongoing fisher community engagement meetings conducted at the landing sites in the district. The Regional Project, led by Uganda Fisheries and Fish Conservation Association (UFFCA), one of the three consortium members, is currently steering stakeholder and fisher community engagement meetings to drum up support for the implementation of the project among the fisher communities.

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TASO Partners with Katakwi District to Commemorate Day of African Child

Magoro Primary School in Katakwi District was yesterday 27th June 2017 a centre of convergence of cohorts on child rights and survival. The school played host to the District commemorations of the Day of the African Child, an event that was organized in partnership with Civil Society Organisations. TASO Soroti Regional Project and TASO Soroti Service Centre of Excellence were part of the key stakeholders who partnered with the district to honor the day. TASO’s engagement and presence at the event was obviously conspicuous with its branding, giveaways, presentations by the drama group and mentions by the speakers.

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Soroti Regional Project Launches in Katakwi

District Leaders pledge support


ASO-Soroti Regional Consortium Project today 31st May 2017 kick-started its operations in the Teso sub–region at an inception sharing meeting held in Usuk Sub-Country Hall. The two-day maiden meeting is the first in a series of planned district-based meetings across the 8 Districts of Teso whose aim is to introduce the project and plan with district stakeholders for its implementation. TASO in consortium with University Research Co., LLC (URC) and Uganda Fisheries and Fish Conservation Association (UFFCA) received a funding award in March 2017 to implement a regional project to accelerate Epidemic Control in Soroti region under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The project will be implemented under a Health Systems Strengthening approach.

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TASO calls us all to unite to Stop TB

As we commemorate World TB Day, TASO’s implores upon each of us to do what it takes to contribute to ending TB. This call was contained in a brief published on World TB Day, 24th March 2017. TASO asserts that when each of us does his/her roles well as individuals and institutions, we are uniting our efforts with the rest of the world to leave no one behind in the TB response. Read the Brief