TASO Founders - together with Ms. Specioza Kabanda (Extreme right) one of the first TASO volunteers

TASO was founded by 16 people who were either infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.  These 16 members are;

Christopher Kaleeba (RIP), Dr. Noerine Kaleeba (third left), Maria Lukubo (in TASO t-shirt), Dr. Jane Mulemwa (next to Maria Lukubo), Lydia Tamale (sitting), Rose Ojamuge (RIP), Peter Sebbanja (second left), Dr. Elly Katabira, Charles Sentamu (RIP), Jason Bassebulala (RIP), Nester Banyenzaki (RIP), David Lule (RIP), Betty Nampologoma (RIP), Dan Etole (RIP). Inset Collin and Chanda Williams. 

The founding of TASO