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Our History

TASO started working in the then Mpigi and now Wakiso district – Central Uganda in 1991.

It began its operations in a room, allocated by the Medical Superintendant Dr. Peter Kizza in Entebbe Grade A hospital. In 1992, the Center rented premises from the Entebbe Municipal Council on Plot 10/12 Portal road near St. Teresa Primary School and was inaugurated by the First Lady Mrs. Janet Museveni. 

In 1998, Mr. Edward Tumusiime (RIP) a Center Advisory Committee Member, supported the Center to acquire a permanent home on plot 15 – 17 Lugard Road where it still stands today.

Entebbe is an urban area with an ever growing and transient population including traders, fisher folk, uniformed personnel and it is also a first and last stop for international tourists. It is currently home to the United Nations base in Uganda.


By June 2018, TASO Entebbe had served and improved the lives of 6,292 clients 4165 (female) and 2,124 (male), their families and communities.

 It operates within a 55 km radius and its catchment area covers the districts of Wakiso, Mukono, Kalangala, and Mityana served by 28 full time staff, 19 part time staff and 15 volunteers.

TASO Entebbe contributes to the TASO vision of a world without HIV and AIDS by providing a comprehensive package through the following services to children, adolescents, youth, and adults (as appropriate);

  • Psychosocial Services: (adherence counseling, condom/lubricant education and distribution, Gender Based Violence screening, peer counseling, risk reduction counseling, behavior change communication, referral for other psychosocial needs not provided such as economic needs and education)
  • Clinical Services: (Nutrition monitoring, adherence measurement,Tuberculosis screening, Opportunistic Infections examinations if any, Laboratory investigation (Viral Load and CD4 count); weight monitoring, Mental Health screening.

It has also been involved in a number of research studies and collaborations such as;

  • Safer Conception Study
  • Piloting the use of Doltagravir drug to eligible Clients

Clinic Days

  1. Thursdays & Monday – General Clinics
  2. 1st Wednesday of the month —PMTCT clinic
  3. 2nd Wednesday of the month – Adolescent clinic
  4. 3rd Wednesday of the month – High Viral Load clinic

Management Structure

TASO started working in the then Mpigi and now Wakiso district – Central Uganda in 1991.

The Center is headed by a Center Programme Manager who is supported by 4 heads of department which are Medical, Finance and Administration, Psychosocial and Monitoring and Evaluation departments

Governance Structure

The Center has a Center Advisory Committee (CAC) made up of 9 (nine) members headed by a Chairperson.

 This is the Center/Community arm of the TASO Organisational Board of Trustees.

The Center also has Clients’ Council made up of 9 (nine) members headed by a Chairperson. This is the governing decision making body for all the clients served at the Center whether at the facility or in outreach clinics such as Community Drug Distribution Points.


The Center’s major sources of funding include;

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Infectious Diseases Institute.
  2. Interns both national and international

Call to Membership

You too can make a difference in the lives of people infected and affected by becoming a TASO Subscriber Member.

One can become an individual or corporate member and make an annual subscription towards a basket fund. This basket fund was set up to cater for budgeted items that are not covered by the donors.

As a fully registered TASO Subscriber Member you are eligible, among other things, if nominated and elected, to serve on the Center Advisory Committee and eventually the TASO Board of Trustees.

An Annual General Meeting is held every September to give accountability not only to the donors but to the Subscriber Members as well.


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