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It is established to contribute to the economic and social well-being of members by promoting a saving and investment culture.

Why should I donate?

By donating to TASO, you directly support their efforts in implementing lessons learned from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Your contribution contributes to building robust public health systems that can effectively prevent, detect, and respond to future threats. TASO collaborates with the Ministry of Health and other partners in the Global Health Security Agenda, playing a vital role in achieving shared goals. Additionally, TASO is actively involved in national vaccination campaigns, including those for COVID-19 and Yellow Fever, showcasing tangible impacts on public health at both national and regional levels. Your donation becomes a crucial investment in global health security and emergency response capabilities.

How to donate?

To make your donation process even more accessible, TASO has introduced a merchant code, XXXXX, which you can use to contribute using any mobile network. Simply enter the merchant code during the donation process through your mobile device, ensuring a seamless and convenient way to support TASO’s efforts in strengthening global health security. Visit their official website for more details on how to use the merchant code and make a meaningful impact on building resilient public health systems.

How will my donations be used?

Donated funds to TASO will play a crucial role in supporting their mission of strengthening global health security and building resilient public health systems. The impact of your donation may include:

  • Capacity Building: Funding contributes to building and enhancing the capacity of public health systems, ensuring they are well-equipped to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats effectively.
  • Emergency Response: Donations enable TASO to respond swiftly to health emergencies, providing critical resources and support during outbreaks, natural disasters, or other public health crises.
  • Vaccination Campaigns: Your contribution supports vaccination campaigns for diseases like COVID-19 and Yellow Fever, helping communities, regions, and nations achieve higher immunization coverage.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: TASO collaborates with the Ministry of Health and other partners in the Global Health Security Agenda. Donated funds facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and joint efforts to address global health challenges.
  • Community Impact: The funds contribute to improving the health and well-being of communities at both national and regional levels. This includes supporting healthcare infrastructure, providing medical services, and promoting health education.
  • Training and Education: Donations may be used for training healthcare professionals, community health workers, and other stakeholders to enhance their skills in responding to health threats and emergencies.
  • Innovation and Research: TASO may invest in innovative approaches and research to stay at the forefront of public health advancements, ensuring effective strategies in disease prevention and control.
  • Advocacy: Contributed funds may support advocacy efforts aimed at influencing policies and practices that contribute to global health security and strengthen public health systems.

Who to contact in case of help?

For further information about TASCOS, please contact the individuals listed below.

  • Mary Wamala – Administrator,

  • Dr. Ronald Opito – Chairman TASCOS,

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