Message - Chairman Board of Trustees


The TASO Board of Trustees (BOT) is made up of twelve (12) members. 

Mr. Vincent Mboti Okoth Ogola

Full Board

Message - Executive Director


Greetings to you all.

Welcome to the new face of the TASO website. After close to 10 years, we decided to move with the times and create a more dynamic interface that is more user centered. We hope through this communication tool, we can reach as many of you as possible and be able to interest you in joining our cause. 

The year 2030 when the HIV epidemic is expected to end, is not far. It is therefore necessary that all avenues of communication are engaged to influence behavior change and bridge the information gap while leaving no one 


Let us not forget that as we fight on one front the COVID-19 pandemic is also upon us. The TASO teams  are working hard to ensure that services are still provided even amidst the changes in service delivery. Let us all work together by adhering to the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation guidelines. 

We look forward to interacting with you more and hope to receive feedback from you. #StayHome #StaySafe

Dr. Michael B. Etukoit

Executive Director



November 11, 2020 marks 33 years since the founders of TASO formed the first support group for people living with HIV and AIDS in Uganda at the Mulago Major Referral Hospital, Kampala. In 1986/7, while Uganda was recovering from a war with a new Government in place, a group of people, some of whom were infected while others had lost friends and family to AIDS, came together to form a support group which was then registered in 1991 as The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO). The first clients were patients who had been abandoned by the relatives either on a hospital bed or laying on the grass in the hospital compound where not even health workers were willing to help them. While these patients had different faces, family history and cultural background, they had one thing in common, they had a disease which nobody could identify. 

Article on TASO's 30 Anniversary article





  • Obligation to people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Integrity
  • Family Spirit
  • Equal rights, equal opportunities and shared responsibility
  • Human dignity

Original Objectives

TASO was set up with the following objectives in mind. 

  1. To offer counseling services to people with HIV/AIDS and their families
  2. To build/strengthen the capacity of individuals/institutions to provide care and support services to persons and families infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.
  3. To mitigate the social ills associated with HIV and AIDS through material and livelihood support to clients and their families.
  4. To build and support community based efforts initiated to respond to the AIDS pandemic.