Masaka communities , Out-Reaches and Projects Up-dates

TASO Masaka service Center has supported and trained 17 communities to-date. These include Kirimya, Kyabbogo, Bwasandeku/Nabutongwa, Nakalembe, Kikenene, Kasebwera, Kamuzinda, Maleku, Kasaali, Kasaka, Musubiro, Kisita and Bigasa. Others are Malongo, Bulayi, Kisita II and Lwebitakuli.

The current Outreach Clinics are in Kiwangala, Kyazanga, Butenga, Bigasa and Kigajju.

Projects Up-dates:

Child support (HIV/AIDS Children Affected or Infected that are supported in different ways.)

•    100 (52M, 48F) supported with scholastic materials
•    100(47M, 53F) supported in secondary/tertiary section
•    34(19M, 15F) from staff, CAC, and Client Council
•    2 female students  emerged best with 20 points in sciences and arts respectively

IGAs (Income Generating Activities)

•    11(1M,10F) received loans to boost their businesses
•    They have been able to meet their family’s basic needs
TASO Client in her well tended Matooke Garden
Heifer Project
•    165  families (46M, 119F) received goats
•    40(7M, 23F) families received heifers of which 10(2M, 8F) were pass- ons
•    29 Boer bucks received for groups for purposes of cross breeding purposes
•    Training of clients in various aspects of sustainable agriculture and ecology

Modern Back Yard Gardening
Benefits Realized
•    Empowered to work hard
•    Improved nutrition through growth of fruits, vegetables and milk
•    Improved hygienic practices
•    Improved incomes through sale of frits, vegetables and milk
•    Environmental conservation of land
•    Energy saving stoves
•    Water harvesters
•    Family involvement for ownership of the project
•    Reduced stigma in communities through passing on of skills
•    Restored hope for a better future