Research section

The TASO Research section is composed of two major sub sections. These are;

  1. The Research arm of TASO. This coordinates research studies carried out by members of the governance levels, staff, volunteers and clients carried out within TASO. Many of these studies have contributed to the vast knowledge collections in the field of HIV and AIDS and influences both national and international policy. Some research studies include the successful PrEP study carried out in Mbale and Tororo as well as best practices within various TASO Centers of Excellence. This is also the section that reviews abstracts about TASO work prior to submission for approval to the Conference scientific/abstract review committees. It also approves the final presentation whether oral presentation or poster presentation.
  2. The TASO Research Ethics Committee. This grants students or independent researchers permission to carry out Research on TASO. Since 2011, TASO was accredited by the Uganda Council for Science and Technology to review research protocols for research outside TASO but carried out in Uganda.